Betting in present day, although is still illegal (except for Nevada casino), is one of the most popular and exciting activity.  Maybe is not considered as a sport, but definitely we can bet on every existent sport.  Football, so far, is the most wagered sport around fans and gamblers, especially in the UK.  And why is that? Due to the adrenaline that is added when someone bets for its teams, and certain times, the gamblers say is for the love for the sport.

But not everything is so simple.  Betting on online sites has its tricks and every new gambler should know it, mainly if it is football, that way they will not waste their money. Thus, here are some recommendations for betting on football matches:

  1. The first and most important thing every gambler needs to know is about how to manage the money. Without it, it will not be successful betting if the only thing you are going to do is collapse.
  2. The second most important is looking for the best number you could ever get. Searching for numbers will give gamblers an opportunity to compare odds and go for what is best for them.
  3. And third, but not less important, is how to place the bet. There are many bookies but in each one of them, the process and the way to place bets on football is the same. For football there are 7 types of betting: double chance, full time result, half time score, correct score, half time or full time, over/under or goal scorer markets.

Do not let this term scare you, there are as simple as pronounce them. Example: in full time result you go for the result, no matter if it is draw, home or away. Easy!
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